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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

I had to take a few days to think of EXACTLY what I really wanted to say about my experience with the the staff at Royal Palms. First off, I lost my dear Yorkie, Pierre (Puppyman) on March, 25th. Before his passing, I knew who I was going to call, because I had gotten the # from one of my clients. But I had NO idea how much love I'd be shown. I was a total wreck on that first phone call, because my poor Puppyman was dying,and I didn't know what to do. That angel, Cheyenne on the other end of the phone was so calming, and soothing. I just needed someone to talk to because I didn't want it to be real. My best friend of almost 15 yes was leaving me, forever!! But she made it so much easier. She guided me step by step, so when the time came, I was OK. She kept in constant contact with me about the progress about my precious Puppyman. They picked him up from the hospital. When he got to the facility, they ALL saw and said how cute he was. I had him cremated. After a few phone calls back and forth to both Cathy, and Cheyenne I figured out which urn I wanted. It was "fancy", because he was fancy, and spoiled. Nothin but the best for my Pierre! Cheyenne didn't mind that I would text her just to talk about, and reminisce about the great times with Pierre. She was the BEST! Better than anyone in my family as a matter of fact. I'm STILL waiting on condolence phone calls. These guys really made this process easier for me. But the BEST part was this Thursday while I was out shopping and I got a text from Cheyenne. I flew home to drop my groceries off, and had to calm myself down because I couldn't stop shaking. When I got there I was m et with so many awesome surprises!! Better than ANYTHING I could ever dream of! First off, I got to meet my angels!! Then they gave me back my Baby, and so many other wonderful reminders of him that took my breath away, and made me cry like a baby. And Miss Cheyenne made me a "special" gift. I think I was there for almost an hour. I felt so at home. It was a sad occasion of how and why I met them, but I'm glad that I did. I plan to keep in touch. I also plan to spread the word about how wonderful my Puppyman was taken care of in the end. He went out just like he lived, "fancy".

N.B April 06, 2021

BEST SPOT FOR FIDO TO R.I.P. Pet Haven Cemetery By Florida Weekly Staff | on July 22, 2020 Pet Haven would be an interesting cemetery to get lost in for an hour reading the gravestones of pets with names like Storm, Gigi, Mu n, Sugar Bear, Bobby, Laser and Brando. It’s certainly not for every grieving pet owner, but for many it allows them to mourn their Fido as a member of the family. At Royal Palm Memorial Gardens in Punta Gorda, they’re set up with a casket and burial ceremony, and a plot of land with an engraved headstone surrounded by many others across a sunny field, a place witness to much sadness but also love.


Thank you so much for your compassion in the loss of our sweet little Annabelle. We miss her so much! We brought her to the right place.

P & T Harrison March 05, 2018

Ashley and Staff - Thank you so much for the loving care you gave to S. We truly appreciate it.

G. Family February 03, 2017

Ashley & everyone at Pet Haven, thank you for taking such good care of our sweet Trooper. He was a lovely boy, and he was loved so very much. Love,

D & Jack September 29, 2016

I wish to extend a thank you for the service you provided in the recent cremation of my beloved Black Jack. I have never done this before and didn't know what to expect. I was so very relieved when I saw the care you took in returning his ashes in such a respectful manner, including the cards and paw prints tissues. Thank you,

Ms. S B. September 29, 2016

Dear Ashley, words cannot express how grateful I am for what you did for us. You were so kind on the phone with me and in person. When my husband Tom told me we weren't being charged for Roxy's (our dog) cremation I told him he misunderstood. Thank you so much, what a nice surprise, at such a difficult time. Thank you as well to your entire staff for taking such good care of all of us, people and pets alike! Sincerely,

Diana September 10, 2016

I can't express my thanks to all of you and the dignity that you have shown to me and my babies time and time again! Thank you for you loving touch and respect toward my moet. -M.S


Thank you for your help with the burial of my dogs. This has been the most important thing to me. I need to know that they were taken care of after I was gone. You all have gone way above what I could have asked. I'm sure the Lord sent you into my life. Please accept these gifts as a special thank yo for your time and kindness.


Thank you so much. His loss is immeasurable, but so was his unconditional love and loyalty…

S & W D.

“Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. Thank you for your card of sympathy at this time of our sorrow. We have never heard of the Rainbow Bridge before. What a blessing of hope that is. Thank you.”

A.P & A. P.

Dear Staff of Pet Haven - We just wanted to thank you for treating our beloved Boston Terrier ( o.) with love and respect. The poem you included with his cremations is just beautiful and so true. We know we will see him again one day.

T. & T. A.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, my family and especially M. She was the sweetest, most beautiful dog and she deserved to be treated with dignity and respect, just like you have. Thank you so much.

G.,M.,C.,S.,S.and M.

To the staff at Pet Haven - We wanted to thank each of you for your professional caring service. Tigger at 18 1/2 years had come full circle. She was born here in Florida and here she died. Animal control found her roaming the streets in Port Charlotte. They brought her into the Animal Welfare League where I was a volunteer. She was so terrified she wouldn't eat for 2 days even though we knew she was starving. Shelly K. was Tiggers first vet and its so fitting that she also was Tigger's last vet. Our pup knew us and was liked to the end. Her ashes in that good sturdy box you provided us will be taken to our island in Canada where she spend so many happy summers. I like to visualize her spirit running through waves, chasing seagulls and leaping like a gazelle from boulder to boulder. Again, thank you for your sensitive and caring service.


Tiger and I would like to thank Pet Haven for all the love and care you have shown. Blessings

T.'s Family

To the Staff of Pet Haven Cemetery and Crematory - The B. family thanks you for the expressions of condolence and good work you have done. Thank you for the attractive manner in which we received L. back.

the B. Family

Karen - Thank you for all of the help you provided and the kindness and understanding you showed. I will always remember how much M. admired you.


Dear Friends - your cards and care in taking care of "Tommy Cat" is so appreciated! He was indeed a special cat.

J.K. July 24, 2013

Karen - Thank you and your staff for all you do on a daily basis in our time of loss. Your kind words and support means ALOT. Thanks Again.

S. April 16, 2013

Karen, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you did for me and my family. Especially for being present for her burial…Thank God there are still good folks like you out there. May God richly reward you for all your efforts. Blessings. Signed,

R.F. and Family

Karen, Again, we sincerely thank you for your support and your kindness. We can’t thank you enough for all the “extras” that are so much a part of you and for always “being there” for us at the saddest times. Fondest affections. Signed,

S. & E. G.

This is the most beautiful and peaceful place. Staff is so friendly , compassionate and patient. Making sure our every need is met. I am so very pleased. Thank you so much you made a difficult time much easier

Danni knowles February 12, 2021

On behalf of the Casimirs Family, I would like to thank you for your service that you provided to my family for my grandmother, Miracia Casimirs final resting place. Sincerely,

Julie C. & Family March 28, 2018

Dear Ashley, It was a pleasure meeting you Saturday. You have a way to turn not so pleasant circumstances' into a calmer - peaceful situation. Thank you,

Cindy A. May 19, 2017

Karen & Ashley, on behalf of the family of Louise & Lawrence we can't thank you enough for your professionalism and caring. You both took care of our every need.

Rosemary October 13, 2016

Ashley & everyone at Pet Haven, You have taken great care of our three beloved babies. Thank you for your sympathy & helping us through such sad times.

D & J November 29, 2016

Dear Ashley, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You went above and beyond for Athena (our dog) and I truly appreciate it. Everything about that day and morning was so hard and emotional for me but your kindness and compassion stood out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Barbara September 10, 2016

Many thanks to everyone that helped me. Your Kindness and patience were deeply appreciated


Hello- We would like to thank you for the funeral arrangements for out mother J.M. We were able to have a simple but meaningful service for her that was just what mom wanted. Thank you, C.H & L.A

C.H & L.A

Thank you for this wonderful service you provide for the most beloved symbol of our magnificent C.


“To The Great Team At Pet Haven, We would like to thank you all for the thoughtfulness and compassion you give to our clients. Our staff are proud to have a team (extended) that works so hard to help and make strong bonds. Again, thanks for all you do for us. Respectfully, The Doctors and Staff of The Animal Clinic”

The Doctors and Staff of The Animal Clinic

Ashley and Pet Haven Staff - Thank you for taking such good care of our needs in our time of loss. Roxy is in heaven, happy. Thanks again

The L. Family

Karen and the Royal Palm Staff - Thank you so much for the courtesies and consideration shown our friends and family at such a difficult time. We appreciate it more than we can express. God bless you and your families.

The W. Family

Karen - My sister and I thank you for the care and concern you gave us following the loss of our beloved mother. God Bless You

G.L. & L.S.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated more than words can say, just wanted you to know that.


Dear Pet Haven - We want to thank you, all of you, for showing such compassion in helping us say goodbye to our beloved golden retriever P. She was such a good friend and she entered our hearts in places we never knew existed. We are very grateful to you for the remembrances.

Loving Family of P.

Thank you all so much for everything you did to help us with the loss of our pet. We felt comforted, your care and compassion was uplifting to our heavy hearts. Thank you so much for taking care of Sequoia.


thank you for your kindness and for taking good care of “ Tyson” I appreciate that you delivered “Tyson” back so quickly and made a ink paw print for the family that we will frame and cherish. I am very pleased with how caring you are and doing such a great job!

Anonymous August 09, 2013

I would like to thank you again for the kindness you have shown us and our dog Ozzie in handling his cremation. We so appreciated you being there so promptly, and we feel the service you provide is above all others. Thanks from the bottom of our heart

L. & D. H. May 15, 2013

Sherron - Thank you for your genuine compassion and dignity you shared with me on the passing of my beloved pug Maggie May. Maggie was like one of my children, and your kindness and much needed hugs, went beyond my expectations. Thank you.

T.G. April 16, 2013

Royal Palm Memorial Gardens One sunny, windy, bright cool day, We met at the cemetery with Karen Monnier. She helped us begin to navigate Our journey towards the Pearly Gates. It must be hard to meet folks and know That at the next meeting sad winds could blow. Choices and prices have certainly increased, But the plot is owned; it isn’t a lease. One might choose an urn or a coffin For those left behind, the days to soften. The stone can say the names and the dates And a picture life’s memories forever relates. For those left behind for many, many years Will know our faces without the tears And hopefully remember that life is a mist, And for just a short time with warmth is kissed. Royal Palm Memorial Gardens Calms the hearts through days that harden And provides solace and a peaceful spot Where to touch once again those who are loved a lot. Through a wide open space and a gentle breeze And heartfelt care, troubled hearts will ease.

by Jeanne Awad

Karen, Thanks for all that you did for me to make my brother’s service and burial pleasant. I did so appreciate having Father F. there. Thanks again and I hope to visit with you soon when I am in the area. Most sincerely. Signed,