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Royal Palm Memorial Gardens was built to serve the Punta Gorda community. And we do that in more ways than one. Join us for services, support and memorable events.

Fort Myers Memorial Gardens and Royal Palm Pet Haven Donate to Gulf Coast Humane Society

Fort Myers Memorial Gardens and Royal Palm Pet Haven, committed to supporting animal welfare in Southwest Florida, have generously donated a substantial shipment of food, toys, and treats to the Gulf Coast Humane Society. This collaborative effort reflects their dedication to the well-being of pets and the community.

The donation, made possible by contributions from employees, client families, and the facilities themselves, underscores the shared commitment to caring for animals in need. Representatives from Fort Myers Memorial Gardens and Royal Palm Pet Haven were delighted to present these essential supplies to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Family Heritage Program: A Legacy of Compassion

In addition to this donation, Fort Myers Memorial Gardens and Royal Palm Pet Haven are actively collaborating with the Gulf Coast Humane Society on their innovative family heritage program. The new program, named the Pet Legacy Program, ensures the well-being of a person’s cat or dog after their passing. The Pet Legacy Program provides the Gulf Coast Humane Society with a provision to take care of their pets until a loving family adopts them. The planning is simple and includes a step-by-step process facilitated by the GCHS Development Team. This guarantees a pet’s future is secure and notifies the person’s family of the person’s wishes.

This legacy initiative aims to protect and rehome pets left behind when someone passes away. By providing compassionate care and finding forever homes for these animals, the program honors the bond between pets and their human companions.

About the Gulf Coast Humane Society

The Gulf Coast Humane Society is a dedicated organization committed to the welfare of animals in Southwest Florida. For more information, visit their website: Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Contact Information:                                     

Lori Burke, Development Director     Phone: (239) 332-0364 ext. 321  

About Fort Myers Memorial Gardens and Royal Palm Pet Haven

Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, founded in 1985, is a cemetery, cremation, and funeral service provider. Royal Palm Pet Haven is dedicated to providing compassionate care for all members of the family. They offer complete burial, cremation, and memorial services for human and pet family members alike. Both organizations are proud members of the North Star Memorial Group.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Holly Donahue Phone: 239-936-055

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